Bump & Beyond Online Shop

Welcome to our online shop. We are so excited to be working hand-in-hand with some amazing local brands.

Orders will be processed and shipped on a weekly basis. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic still amongst us, shopping online is the safest thing you can do for you and your family. Stay home, stay safe.

Let us deliver straight to your front door.

If you would like to showcase your products, please email us on bumpandbeyondexpo@gmail.com.

Why Choose Us?

As the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps through our country, we decided to host an online expo. After successfully hosting an online expo in June/July our exhibitors and customers asked us to keep the 'shop' open for longer. We have decided to open the online shop again and help our small businesses to survive this trying time. 

Small businesses need the exposure and sales to survive. Let's stand together to ensure these businesses survive this pandemic. Shop from small businesses, support local.

And to protect our customers we will safely ship your orders to your front door. Stay home. Stay safe.

About Us

Jolene, Tanya, Melodie

The Dream Team

Bump & Beyond Expo started from humble beginnings. Two moms stood talking on the street one day; one with a photography/events background and one with a business/events background. We were both frustrated as moms and business women. There were no affordable platforms to market our companies from. Expos and markets were simply not affordable. We decided there and then that we were going to start Bump & Beyond Expo.

Over the years, Letia has decided to focus all of her attention on home-schooling her three children. Jolene decided to sell her small business and focus solely on marketing other small businesses, this ignites her fire! She is our 'Big Thinker'. Her dreams for this company and our exhibitors are endless. She is creative and passionate and the one that puts it all together.

We have also partnered with tutors, business coaches and life coaches to introduce workshops for our exhibitors.

Tanya is our 'Online Guru'. She is incredibly good at marketing our events, before and during. She is all about social media. She is the one behind the marketing of our brand and our exhibitors’ brands. She is amazing with all our admin and helps keeps Jolene grounded and focused.

Melodie is our 'Blonde Bombshell'. She has an incredible way with people. At events she is the one running around looking after our exhibitors and welcoming our visitors. She hits the ground running and doesn't stop until the event is concluded.

Growing from strength to strength, the Bump & Beyond team is excited to grow our expos and our exhibitors’ companies.


Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7550


Arum Lily Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550